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Bronx, NY, us
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I worked my early carrer in the 46. I love Pit Bull Terriers and all animals. I hate Ass Kissers and Bosses who were "Do Nothings", who want to turn the world upside down now. I was always popular because i was funny, and did the job the right way. I will never forget the valiant officers i have worked with. I appreciate all the hard working men and women who helped keep these phoney politicians in office. I was once told that I was a "wasted talent". That in itself may be true, but I was happy in uniform and what I was doing. I would never turn on my peers, and I was respected by bosses. This job just changed and it got me sick.
Favorite Music:
It is strange. I grew up in the 80's, and I attended Christopher Columbus HS in the Bronx. It was different then because I was a fan of the 80's music, Metal bands, Old school rap, and oldies because I always heard oldies at my old job.  When I got older, I began to appreciate classic country music. I dont know how it happened, but it did.

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People I look up to

I look up to my wife, first and foremost for putting up with me while I was working this thankless job. I look up to my 10 year old son, whom iI cant imagine myself without. I look up to My Parents and my In-laws, who love me like their own. I look up to one of my deceased Training Sargeants, who was old school, and was not afraid to stick up for his cops, although he himself was a rising star in Narcotics, when it was Narcotics, and who got bounced for an incident at a funeral in PA. That man had no fear. Rest in peace Stan.

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